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Baked Beets, quickly made in your microwave 0

Baked Beets (Microwave)

Baked beets, or roasted beets as we also call them, are perfect to use in salads, make fritters or just snack with a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of salt. The...

Quick Lunch for Microwave 2

Microwave Quicklunch

Microwave Quicklunch, frozen vegetable-mix, leftover meat from last night’s dinner, or any cooked meat or sausage you have laying around. Some eggs and milk, herbs and spices and you have the best lunch ever....

A delicious dessert with strawberries, raspberries and meringues 2

Strawberry Meringue Dessert (Microwave)

Strawberries and raspberries are the main ingredients in this recipe. You can use fresh or frozen berries. You can also use others, like blueberries, or whatever kind you have available. This dessert is easy...

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