Baked Beets (Microwave)


Baked beets, or roasted beets as we also call them, are perfect to use in salads, make fritters or just snack with a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of salt. The baking (roasting) process brings out the sweetness in the beets and in my opinion they taste better baked than raw.


Try to top of your burger with baked beets, it’s a delicious combination. And when you are at it, add some sour cream too, and you are in for a treat.


Baked Beets, quickly made in your microwave

This is what you need

serves 1 – 3


2 – 10 freshly harvested beets

½ cup sour cream (light version will work well)

Small pinch of pepper

½ tsp herbal salt

Baked Beets, how to make them in your microwave, step by step


Handy in the kitchen

This is what you do

  1. Cut of the stems and scrub the beets under running water. Prick the skin several places with a fork.

  2. Cover a micro safe dish with double kitchen paper without color or decor. Place the beets on the paper.

  3. Bake the beets on full power for 2 beets 7 to 9 minutes, 10 beets 15 to 18 minutes, Freshly harvested beets need less time to bake than those that have been stored. Try with a needle to see if they are done. The needle should slide easily through, the same way as you see if your potatoes are cooked.

  4. Take the baked beets out of the microwave and cover with aluminum foil. Let them rest for 3 to 5 minutes. While the beets are resting, season the sour cream with pepper and herbal salt. Do not stir more than you need to blend the flavors, or it will make your sour cream too runny.


Serve with dark bread or flat bread. These baked beets also taste great as a side dish to fried fish, in salads, as fritters, as topping on burgers and as a snack.


Note: Beets should not be given to kids younger than 10 months.


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