Caramel Sauce (Microwave)


This Russian Caramel Sauce (Tjinuski) is my absolute most unhealthy recipe.

It is full of sugar, cream and butter, and I try to restrict myself to make it

only once or twice a year. That is hard to do because it is sooo good.

And if you leave the leftover sauce to cool off it will quickly thicken

and you have the world’s best caramels. Just cut in pieces and eat……..


This caramel sauce is amazing on berries, especially the ones that are a

little bit sour. The mix of sweet and sour make an ordinary dessert into

an extraordinary experience. Give it a try, but not too often………

Caramel Sauce (Microwave)




This is what you need

serves 4

1 serving is 290 cal.


2/3 cup heavy cream

¼ cup sugar

¼ cup syrup

3,5 tbsp butter or margarine

¼ tsp ground ginger

¼ tsp vanilla sugar

step by step how to make Caramel Sauce (Microwave)


Handy in the kitchen

This is what you do

  1. Mix the heavy cream with the sugar, syrup and butter in a tall micro safe bowl.

  2. Boil the sauce first on full effect for 4-5 minutes, and then on low effect for 5-6 minutes. Do NOT cover

  3. Add ginger and vanilla sugar.

  4. Stir and serve while still warm.


Cold sauce will thicken and are great to cut into caramels.

Do NOT warm your cold sauce in the microwave, it will split.

If you need to re-warm it, better do so on the stove-top slowly while stirring.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this recipe,

please leave your message in the comment section below.

If you like my unhealthy caramel sauce and want to see more

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